About Maxim

Kentcentric, published by Maxim, celebrates the investment commitment and economic development being undertaken to deliver a sustainable and successful county.

As an agency, Maxim is widely recognised for its media relations work, but importantly it has also supported many of the county’s major development projects.

Its expertise in public affairs, stakeholder management and community engagement has seen the team at Maxim assist offshore and onshore wind farms, utility companies, regional airports, energy-from-waste projects, quarries, commercial and residential property development and renewable technologies.

Our work has, and still includes, supporting many of the most exciting development-related projects in the county. Current clients include London Array, Gallagher Group, Manston Green, Locate in Kent, Airvolution and Cripps.

Kentcentric is designed to be a collection of development news, plus top tips and advice on how to positively engage with Kent stakeholders and residents.

If you would like further information or to find out more about how we can support your work, please contact us.

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