Monday, 5 February 2018

Is Thanet set for Government takeover?

The deadline has passed for the 15 English councils named and shamed as tardy plan-makers to persuade Sajid Javid, Secretary of State for Housing, Communities & Local Government, not to intervene.

Among the councils who haven’t made the necessary progress on their Local Plan is Thanet District Council. It has arguably shortened its odds of intervention after councillors voted 35 to 20 not to take its draft local plan to publication stage.

As a result of the rejection of the plan, Thanet council will also be putting out the fresh ‘call for sites’, as there is now a requirement to identify additional locations for housing across the district in order to achieve the required NPPF land supply. So is it back to the drawing board? If so that could be great news for those landowners who might not have made the cut for the last draft, and a frustrating delay for those in the previous draft.

Under the current consultation on Objectively Assessed Need, Thanet would be expected to increase its delivered Dwellings Per Annum to 1,063 a year, compared to 857 under the current calculation – an increase of 25%.

Given Thanet’s current political breakdown of its 56 councillors being:
21 Conservative
6 Labour
2 Independent Group 
2 Independent

…the attraction of intervening in the only UKIP-led council in the country must be quite appealing to the Conservative government.

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