Wednesday, 4 June 2014

East Kent College embarks on voyage of Discovery

In what is being heralded as a win-win for the area, East Kent College has announced it is to establish a base at Discovery Park, near Sandwich, to underpin its commitment to serving the entire community.

The further education college is to move the teaching of its science curriculum to the former Pfizer site, where students and staff will have the opportunity to use industry-standard laboratories, and work alongside a growing community of science-based companies.

The relocation of East Kent College’s 70-strong corporate services team will ensure all three campuses: Broadstairs in Thanet, and those in Dover and Folkestone (which it takes responsibility for from K College in August), will be of equal status.

As part of the deal, East Kent College will take 5,390 square foot of office and training space within Innovation House, and 893 square foot of laboratory space at Discovery Park. The vacated rooms and offices at the Broadstairs Campus will be used for other training and education. 

The move is designed to send a strong message to staff, students and the wider community that the college plans to create a further education establishment with a commitment to serving the whole of East Kent. 

The Discovery Park move will ensure each campus has equal access to the college’s central corporate services, including finance, IT, marketing, employer relations and human resources.

Each of the three campuses will have a management team responsible for the day-to-day operations, including a dedicated HR person, with the executive management team spending time at all three campuses.

East Kent College will complete the move of its management team to Discovery Park by August 2014.

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