Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Heritage Quarter gets Section 106 go ahead

Gravesham Borough Council has negotiated a £6.6 million investment for local infrastructure and community benefits as part of the Section 106 Agreement with Heritage Quarter developers Edinburgh House.

As a result, the planning permission for the £120m development has been formally granted by the council and can now proceed, after it was agreed at the planning committee in April 2013, subject to the Section 106.

The Section 106 Agreement legally binds the £6.6m financial investment from Edinburgh House, which will include:

· £175,000 to sports and recreation in the borough 
· £324,000 for education 
· £230,000 for health services
· £515,000 for road improvements, including signage and public transport
· £123,000 for community services, including libraries, youth services and community learning
· £3.2m for additional affordable housing elsewhere in Gravesham (not on site)
· £2m towards replacing town centre parking

Work is planned to begin at the end of the year. 

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