Monday, 24 February 2014

Thanet calls time on Pleasurama

Thanet District Council has finally kicked sand in the face of a developer after it realised there was no financial backing to a proposed seaside redevelopment in Ramsgate.

The council has now started the process of terminating its agreement with developer SFP who own the lease on the Pleasurama site – currently known as Royal Sands and owned by the local authority.

Planning permission to develop a 60-bed hotel and a further 107 apartments, alongside cafes and shops was granted back in 2004, but to date no work has begun, with the site’s owners losing patience. The council has to allow a 'reasonable amount of time' for SFP to rectify the challenge to the development agreement - but it is Kentcentric's understanding this is highly unlikely to happen and simply part of the legal process.

The council will shortly be appointing a property expert to take the site back to the market. Let’s hope they can find a development partner with the vision to take forward the site and secure its real benefit for the Thanet economy.

On a related note, there has been recent press coverage of the council’s plans to develop Ramsgate Port, with the possibility of a come alongside pier to attract cruise line traffic.

We all want to see the regeneration of Ramsgate, but Kentcentric understands this might be more of a consultant’s, than council’s vision. With the likely £7m price-tag and competition just around the corner from the Port of Dover and its two cruise terminals, the prospect of this becoming a reality seems a long way off, if at all likely to happen.

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