Tuesday, 11 February 2014

It's a small world

Legal moves that would have stopped a 270MW wind farm development of 124 onshore turbines in Chatham-Kent have been dismissed.

Residents of Chatham in Medway needn’t take to the streets in protest – as the development is in Chatham-Kent, Ontario in Canada.

However, it does show that the UK doesn’t have the monopoly on opposition to renewable investment and development.

In 1998, the county of Kent and city of Chatham were amalgamated to form the municipality of Chatham-Kent in south-western Ontario.

Ironically, what is now Medway Council - the amalgamation of Chatham, Rochester, Gillingham, Rainham and Strood - became a single unitary council, independent of Kent County Council, in, yes you guessed it: 1998.

Strange, but true.

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