Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Putting the ‘local’ in the LEP

Understanding the bigger picture in terms of Kent and Medway’s economic growth plans is important for the county’s development community if we are to collectively make the most of the commercial opportunities. The Kent & Medway Economic Partnership (KMEP), the ‘local’ part of South East Local Enterprise Partnership (SELEP), has drafted its seven-year growth plan to support the future prosperity of the area’s economy. The draft, which sits alongside plans for East Sussex and Essex, has been submitted by SELEP to government. 

It identifies four key factors that will determine the area’s growth, including:
  • Our ability to unlock major development sites
  • The resilience of our strategic transport network
  • Our skills potential
  • The innovative capacity of our businesses
Twenty key solutions have been identified under three themes: Place for growth; Business for Growth; and Skills for Growth.  The Kent development community will undoubtedly welcome KMEP’s plans, nut will want to be reassures that the targets will be delivered.  These include:
  • Deliver the housing growth our economy needs.
  • We aim to increase delivery to meet planned requirements meaning an additional 3,300 homes per year for seven years above 2012/3 delivery levels (23,100 homes in total)
  • Create sustainable private sector employment.  We aim to enable the creation of an additional 40,000 jobs, primarily by making it easier for businesses to secure finance and support, unlocking new development and promoting the county’s opportunities.
  • Increase economic value.  We aim to increase Kent and Medway’s levels of productivity and innovation, leading to an additional 7,500 knowledge economy jobs over seven years.
Click here for further, and more detailed, information.

Maxim’s Andrew Metcalf sits as a business representative on SELEP and KMEP, and is happy to discuss the role of both organisations with colleagues in the development community.  Email him on

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