Thursday, 5 December 2013

Infrastructure plan unveiled

The latest National Infrastructure Plan - which outlines £375 billion of planned public and private sector infrastructure investment - has been unveiled by the government.

Of specific interest to Kent is the news the government may sell its share in Eurostar as part of plans to double the target for the sale of corporate and financial assets from £10bn to £20bn between 2014 and 2020.

It also provides a further £50 million for full redevelopment of the railway station at Gatwick Airport. Could this be an early indication of the forthcoming interim announcement from the Davies Commission?

Investment for energy, transport, flood defence, waste, water and communications infrastructure up to 2030 and beyond is also outlined.

The development industry may be further interested to hear of plans to create a new court for infrastructure to avoid unnecessary delays in the planning process for major projects. However, as always the devil is in the detail, and not surprisingly given its significance, there’s very little detail at the moment.

Drawing up the plan is the easy part. As many in the development industry will know only too well, the true value of it will be determined not by the headlines it secures but by the actual delivery of the infrastructure. And, with reports that only a limited number of 2011's top priority schemes have been completed, the UK’s track record in delivery isn’t always one to shout about.

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